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Access innovative fintech solutons by partnering with Flex Funding, a Nordic industry-leading provider of marketplace lending technology.

What we do

We have the strategy building Crowdlending Europe. A new revolution initiated by Flex Funding: the creation of an integrated European debt market for SMEs. The lender, whether it is an individual or an institution, can then diversify its portfolio of investments in different European Union countries with incredible ease and the borrower has access to loans in currency of own choice.

We provide companies and associations with proven solutions that help them access and innovate within marketplace lending for SMEs. Our partners benefit from best-in-class execution, a common marketplace connecting the entire ecosystem, with integrated back-office and regulatory services.


White Label Partner

Outsource your Crowdlending, Credit assessment and Infrastructure

White Label Partner

We deliver an outsourced partner-branded platform fully integrated in our common ecosystem for banks, brokers, fintechs, crowdlenders, insurance companies, associations and companies. We’ll help you get to market quickly and for very low costs with our off-the-shelf solutions or develop tailored packages for your needs. With our out of the box solution you can be up and running with your platform within days.

Joint Venture Partner

Get exclusive rights to market our platform in a defined territory, including attracting white label partners

Joint Venture Partnership

We give you exclusive rights to market and operate Flex Funding’s platform in a defined territory, including attracting white label partners. You deliver the local market knowledge and team incl. operational capital and we deliver the platform with a complete ecosystem including funding capacity, the FSA license, regulatory services, etc.  

Benefit from flexible partnerships tailored to your business needs

Our partners can focus on their core business and outsource the full crowdlending chain to us. And we enable licensed financial institutions to serve self-directed, advised and managed clients, while retaining full client anonymity and control.


  • Flex Funding offers a complete plug & play turnkey solution.
  • Join an integrated European debt market
    • You will get access to our complete ecosystem. An end-to-end marketplace leveraging network effect.
  • Client centric innovation
    • Meet the needs of any client – self-directed, discretionary or advised.
  • Managed portfolio solutions
    • For advisory and discretionary clients 
  • Funding capacity
    • Flex Funding deliver a very strong funding capacity from day one from our portfolio of private and institutional lenders
  • Outsourced front-to-back functionality
    • We can support our partners on their growth path with services that cover the full value chain and support seamless integration across the whole crowdlending infrastructure. 
  • Streamlined back-office and regulatory reporting services.
    • We can handle daily back-office processing and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Cost saving
    • Reduce development, operating and compliance costs
  • Low risk investment
    • Relatively limited initial investments needed
  • Leverage client relations
    • Opportunity to leverage existing client base
  • Compliant platform
    • Significantly reducing operational risk

Who we serve

We connect firms of all sizes to the crowdlending market through cost-effective solutions in a white label partnership. 

By partnering with Flex Funding, banks, brokers, financial advisors, fintechs, audit firms, associations, etc. can offer loans to SME borrowers and investing in SME loan parts including loan application, lending, execution and reporting services for self-directed, advisory and discretionary clients.   

What our partners say

By partnering with Flex Funding, our partners can deliver seamlessly integrated, outsourced digital borrowing and lending experiences through customised solutions, and focus on their core business.


Flex Funding A/S has developed its technology in recent years and has already provided loans for DKK 180 million to Danish SMEs. But many SMEs are not aware of the possibility, so we see this as an opportunity for SMV Denmark to advantageously extend loans through crowdlending to our 18,000 member companies. Thus, we hope to be able to put the turbo on the companies’ opportunity to provide fair financing for their growth elsewhere than in the bank”

SMVdenmark is the leading association for SMEs in Denmark.

Jacob Brandt

Executive Director SMVdenmark


“The cooperation expands Suðuroyar Sparikassi’s market. It gives the opportunity to increase the market share of business loans in the Faroe Islands with our bank’s current capital base and in addition we can now offer Faroese private and professional investors a new attractive asset class with direct lending to businesses and municipalities.”

Søren Lunell Bruhn

CEO Suduroyar Sparikassi

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Henrik Vad

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